When it comes to gas station canopy repair, construction, and rebranding, DSI Contracting Group is your one-stop shop. Whether you’re starting from scratch, are looking to upgrade your current canopy, or require anything from regular maintenance to more major repairs DSI Contracting Group literally has you covered.
DSI Contracting Group's Gas Station Canopy Repair Team
DSI Contracting Group's Gas Station Canopy repair team will take care of the whole process from start to finish. We take pride in being a leader in the industry being, as well as being a member Florida Petroleum Marketers Association with a great reputation to boot.

Gas Station Canopy Repair

Gas station canopy repair is what we are best at. We can repair damage to your gas station canopy caused by severe weather like hail or straight line winds. We can even rebrand your gas station canopy.  No job is too big or too small, just give us a call.

No matter how well-constructed your gas station canopy is, inevitably it will need repairs due to severe weather such as heavy winds, tornadoes, hail, or even rust that develops over time—these can all cause serious damage to your gas station canopy. At DSI Contracting Group, we can cover all your gas station canopy repair needs. We’ll inspect the damage done to your canopy, whether it’s from hail, rust, or other severe weather.  Usually the deck pan of your canopy is what sustains the majority of the damage during hailstorms. After assessing the damage, we’ll decide the best plan of action for your gas station canopy repair. In severe weather such as tornadoes or or heavy straight line winds, sometimes we’ve seen entire gas station canopies blow over. Sometimes we can save and resurrect your old gas station canopy, however if we can not salvage your toppled canopy we can work with your insurance company and quickly erect a new gas station canopy and get you back up and running in no time.

If your canopy has sustained damage from a vehicle or tractor trailer we can make those repairs restoring your gas station canopy to its original patina.  With our robust color palette of soot-masking paints, we can help to keep your canopy looking clean and bright.

In this day and age new gas station brands are popping up daily. If your gas station needs re-branding we can quickly replace your fascia and signage in one day making a seamless transition to your new gas station brand.  In addition to gas station canopy repairs and re-branding, we can also do build and repair several other types of canopies, including airport parking canopies, toll booths, apartment parking canopies, hotel entrances, ATM canopies, and many more.

Gas station canopy repair costs will depend on the extent of the damage and the amount of work required. Give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment to come inspect the site, then we can give you an easy to understand, transparently priced estimate for the job.


Gas Station Canopy Repair and Storm Restoration

As a business owner or manager, the last thing you need is for your gas station to be out of action because of damage to the canopy. Whether it’s the result of weather damage, vehicle damage or failing gutters, we can repair and restore your gas station canopy to be back to new in the shortest possible time.

If you’re looking for a company you can trust to make your gas station canopy repair or storm restoration job easy, you’ve found us! With years of experience in repairing gas station canopies, we know how to recognize storm damage and how to deal with the insurance companies. We offer a full service that will walk you all the way through from the initial inspection to carrying out all repair work and seeing your business resume its full operations. Regardless of the cause, if you’ve got unrepaired canopy damage at your gas station, contact us today.

Weather-Related Causes of Gas Station Canopy Damage

Throughout the southern states wild weather is a major cause of damage to gas station canopies. Because the canopy deck pan acts as both the ceiling and the roof, it’s the area that’s most susceptible to serious damage from hail, tornadoes and straight-line winds.

Left untreated, weather-related deck pan damage can quickly start to rust. Once this happens, deterioration will continue and can quite quickly cause further damage to the structural frame, fascia and electrics. Naturally, this results in more work needing to be done, forcing a disruption or closure to business and a larger repair bill.

As the main support beams are almost constantly exposed to these harsh conditions in winter, rust and general corrosion are often present. The support beams should be inspected regularly and seen to at the first sign of damage to prevent the strength of the whole structure from being compromised.

Other Common Causes of Gas Station Canopy Damage

Bad weather isn’t the only cause of damage to gas station canopies. Vehicle collisions (even at low speed) can cause a significant amount of damage. Fortunately, not only can we repair and repaint any damage a vehicle causes to your canopy, but we can also take preventative measures to protect from any future harm. This may include making changes to your forecourt layout, installing strengthening reinforcement or even cutting and raising the height of your canopy to accommodate taller vehicles.

Failing to address regular canopy maintenance issues is another major cause of damage. Your guttering is particularly susceptible to this. Blocked and leaking canopy gutters due to leaves, foreign objects and breakages are a common occurrence. If your drains aren’t functioning properly, the whole structure of your gas station canopy is compromised as water weighs down the entire deck pan.

We can also assist you with cleaning up damage resulting from vandalism and can match paint colors to fit with your branding.

Gas Station Rebranding Services

  • Your gas station canopy is the face of your company, look and branding. It’s what attracts most of your customers to stop, fill up and buy those profitable extras. So, could your station do with a facelift?

  • If you’re considering it, the answer’s probably a big YES! And, whether you’ve just bought a new business or have owned a gas station for a while, it’s a totally worthwhile investment. There’s a good reason why franchisers sometimes require upgrades to maintain brand compliance. Rebranding your gas station canopy is a great way to refresh your forecourt and retail store image in a modern, eye-catching way and has great potential to increase your total sales. It’ll also give you the chance to make any necessary or beneficial upgrades to your structure, fascia, lighting or wiring. Doing these jobs that are simple today, can pay dividends later when more major problems are avoided.

  • Don’t let your brand stagnate! Rebranding with DSI Contracting Group is an easy, enjoyable and worthwhile experience. With prompt turnaround times to minimize disruption to your business, pricing options to suit all budgets and the right certifications for your peace of mind, contact us today to see how valuable rebranding your gas station canopy could be today.'

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